SCW PRESENTS SUPPORT LeCaShe (pronounced Le-Ca-shay

In 2017 challenge yourself, your family, your friends to supported their local economy, craftspeople, artists, and second-hand economy. LeCaShe, is the acronym that puts this all together: Local economy, Craftspeople, artists and Second-hand economy.

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DIY Embroidered PEACE Bunting


Bunting pennants are on trend right now and so is embroidery. This embroidered PEACE bunting made a cool welcoming gift for my niece who is studying at my alma mater in Toronto.

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The Mix Tapes

The Mixed Tapes: 5 Adhesive Tapes to Keep Handy

There will be times when a sticky situation is met head on with gusto thanks to the availability of a wide range of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Listed here are the top 5 adhesive tapes that are handy to have around the home. I call this the Mix-Tapes.

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The Collector: Rob Davis, Toronto

Rob Davis, Art Collector at Home in Toronto

Hearing the many stories about how Rob Davis, a governmental relations consultant in Toronto, came about each piece of art in his home, it would appear that his collection was amassed over many years of unintended purchases: this piece from a road-side vendor en route to

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In a Rub a Dub Suite Style


Caribbean decor need not always be represented by heavy colonial or rattan furnishings with light and breezy pastel tones. If you ever had a chance to take a non-resort type Caribbean visit, you may have noticed that the locals are very Continue reading

Hello, welcome to SCW!

An image of the author in her workshop, wearing an apron, standing beside a chair being refinished.

Welcome to Suite City Woman (SCW). I’m Roxanne, upholstery designer, small business owner and blogger. SCW is a site where I support and feature all things LeCaShe (pronounced Le-Ca-shay), an acronym I created which stands for Local economy, Craftspeople and Artist, and Second-hand economy. I believe that you can make incredibly creative spaces by supporting some or all the LeCaShe principles. Continue reading